Alert Global Warming How to add Energy Efficient Window Treatments to your Home

3/8 Pleat Honeycomb Shades

3/8 Pleat Honeycomb Shades

Energy efficient window treatments can lower your energy bill and save you big dollars. They decorate your windows and allow you to control the light source in your home.  Your window treatments and coverings to your windows will help your windows to be more energy efficient. Window coverings can do a lot for your home including giving you the privacy you need. They can conserve energy in your home and can be very decorative up at your windows. All in all they are energy efficient window solutions.  Call now in St. Louis at (636) 394-3411 and in St. Charles at (636) 926-8171.

Straw Woven Woods

Straw Woven Woods natural fiber and good isolation


Window treatments can work very well to hold the warm air inside on cold days.  And vice versa they are good for helping to keep the cool air in on hot summer days. They give our windows protection from the outside weather elements that can dramatically change the temperature in our homes. They can keep the heat from coming through our windows in the summer and in the winter they can help to keep the warm air inside your home.  There are many different types of energy efficient window treatments such as blinds, curtains, drapes, shutters, honeycomb shades,  -See more at: 



All of these are types of energy efficient window treatments and can help to make your heating and cooling more energy efficient. Window treatments are a great source for saving energy in your home.

Drapery , Wood blinds, shades and drapes are a very popular choice of window coverings  in St. Louis  households. They come in many styles, designs, textures and colors for your windows. Plantation Shutters go on the interior of your home, and are an excellent energy efficient window treatment. They also come in many colors and stains , and louver sizes of 2 1/2 , 3 1/2 and 4 1/2  inches.  These are some of the energy efficient window treatments that you can use in your home to help save money on your energy cost and make your home more energy efficient.

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Custom Roller Shade
Custom Roller Shade and solorize roller shades

Some of the different types of energy efficient window treatments that we choose are blinds, curtains, drapes,plantation shutters, honeycomb shades, and roller shades -See more at:





Stained Wood Blinds and Stained Plantation Shutters

Stained Wood Blinds and Stained Plantation Shutters can be made to match  your original Wood work Colors

When deciding to go with Stain plantation shutters and Blinds, we use premium  basswood for shutters and premium poplar for wood blinds

Your Plantation Shutters can be stain standard colors or custom colors  ,but it’ important to choose what’s right for you


stained window treatment

stained window treatment

stained window treatment

stained window treatment




Bill Massa From Massa Of Course And Windo Van Go STL Team Up for The New Restaurant At 16706 Kehrs Mill Estates Dr In Chesterfield Mo (314) 965-8050. in Chesterfield Mo.

Bill Massa of Massa Restaurant in Chesterfield MO contracted Windo Van Go to decorate a new Restaurant with 2 inch Stain  Faux Wood Blinds  . Faux Wood Blinds are the perfect combination of beauty and function for this New Restaurant At 16706 Kehrs Mill Estates Dr  In Chesterfield    These 2 inch  Stains  Faux Wood Blinds are easy to clean and care for and virtually maintenance free.  In addition they allow for light and privacy control.  Perfect update   Windo Van Go offers a variety of commercial window treatments at prices that are affordable.


How To Control Light, Comfort And Noise in Your Entertainment TV Room

How To Control  Light, Comfort  And Noise in Your Entertainment TV Room

Window treatments are essential for the control of light,  noise and comfort during Your Entertainment Experience. Using The Right Window Coverings Will Optimize Your Experience in the Comfort Of Your Home. Windo Van Go can Help Your Select The Perfect Window Coverings For Your Entertainment Room.100_1068 100_1065

Honey Combs Shades Are Great for Energy Efficiency, Sound Control, And Light Control

IMG_0095     Plantation Shutters Great For Light Control

How To Combine Drapery Pannels and Custom Shutters on a Atrium Windows

Great Combination Of Plantation Shutters  Half Arch  Windows  and   Draperies Panels With Wood Pole



How to Pick the Best Window Treatments / Window Coverings for your Home or Business

Window Coverings–so many tips, so many designs… Where do you start?

There are many ways to cover up your windows. … Window coveringss can be very pleasing to the eye. … Source: Windo Van Go. Custom .curtains-2-aea797-1ISl2oqtl1pb0ix0000000000

Window treatments really help define the style and mood of a room. When deciding on a window treatment its best to start with the style, then move on to the color and design. Hardware choices add the right finishing touch.

The first thing to think about in choosing a window treatment is to decide how much privacy and light you need and desire. For a room in which minimal privacy is needed, maximize the available natural light and select fabrics that are light or sheer in nature.  Utilize the wall space around the window to keep the most amount of light coming in the room.  For more privacy and a cozy effect, create a soft wall of opaque texture and rich color. However, beware of overdressing windows with yards of fabric, which can make your room look dated.

IS91vxuh6n06650000000000Draperies can be a way to bring pattern into a room.

Draperies consist of panels of fabric; it is how they are attached at the top that determines which category they fall into. By definition, curtains are gathered on a rod or attached to it by tabs, ties or rings. They are generally stationary; if they are opened and closed, it is done by hand.


IS1bdwqyx54wll1000000000Cafe curtains are ideal for a kitchen nook.

ISxz19zywpws980000000000-1  Elegant drapes instantly add drama to a room.



100_0459Fabric shades such as honeycomb shades provide privacy and light control.

Shades are a good choice if windows don’t allow a fuller treatment, such as corner windows without much space between them. They’re also a good choice for an uncluttered look, or when you want to use a fabric with a large pattern or motif, because they will help show off the fabric. Naturally-woven blinds and shades give a handmade feel due to their organic texture.

Shades can be mounted inside the window frame or on the wall or molding outside the frame. The general rule is to add two to three inches to the overall width of the shade to allow room for mounting hardware.


Blinds and Shutters

Blinds and shutters have adjustable louvers and vanes that tilt to filter the light, level to reveal the view or shift to completely block the view. Horizontal blinds made of vinyl or metal come in a wide array of finishes and colors; vertical blinds also come in an array of textures and materials and create a more contemporary look. Wood blinds mimic the look of shutters but at a lower cost.

ISpdfatdgs7al30000000000Shutters add architectural interest and style to a window. They’re available in wood and vinyl. Traditional shutters with 1-inch louvers provide privacy but cut down on light and the view. Plantation shutters have wider louvers, 2- and 3-inch sizes, which allow better ventilation and a clearer view.

100_0370     Plantation shutters have wider louvers


All types of window treatments need hardware. They can be as simple as a spring-loaded rod, ideal for a café curtain, to an elaborate top rod that may outshine the window treatment itself. Hardware that will be covered by fabric is generally plain and unobtrusive. Other hardware is more decorative, including styles that include elaborate finials. When choosing the latter, look for styles that blend well with your windows and the rest of the room’s decor.

ISptj0127h5mm90000000000  A glass finial at the end of a rod is a nice decorative touch.   












Windo Van Go teams up with Eclipse Shutter as a premier dealer in St. Louis and St. Charles.

Windo Van Go, shutter experts in St. Louis and St. Charles are Plantation Shutter dealers for the Eclipse plantations shutters.  The Satin finish on the shutters now makes it feel like a wood shutter.  It comes in the most popular colors–whites and off whites, with 2 1/2, 3 1/2, and 4 1/2 inch louver sizes.  It also comes with a wide variety of decorative frames to meet all your plantation shutter needs.  These shutters are Made in America.   The come with an exceptional 25 year warranty.  Amd the prices can’t be beat with FREE measuring and installation from Windo Van Go–Your Plantation Shutter Expert!!

Top Window Treatments / Window Coverings In 2015 In St Louis Mo

Woven Wood

Woven Wood


In stressful times your home becomes your sanctuary, so much so in fact that home improvement has become the great national pastime.

For many families, the kitchen grew into a “great room” several years ago and in its new, enlarged capacity is often filled with children doing homework and guests chatting over the soup pot. Once quiet sanctuaries, living rooms and even libraries are now often full of entertainment and equipment, filling these rooms with often unpleasant news of the outside world.  So for adults seeking peace and privacy, their bedroom is the last retreat. 


Without the privacy and proper light control provided by proper window coverings, even a well-designed bedroom isn’t a pleasant retreat. Window treatments can baffle the most experienced of decorators. Especially for bedrooms, you need to start with the basics: privacy, light control and function.  Consider these suggestions:img-206

Window shadings . combine the best features of sheers, blinds and shades in a single, soft window treatment. Floating “colored” fabric vanes are held in place by sheer fabric front and back facings. The vanes rotate for varying degrees of light diffusion and control, and when closed, privacy with a soft radiance. The vanes can be opened, tilted and shut by a continuous cord. When fully raised, window shadings are concealed within a color-coordinated headrail. A room-darkening option is also available to provide both light control and privacy. For added convenience, a battery powered motorization system allows you to raise and lower the covering and tilt the fabric vanes without leaving your bed.  Best of all, it’s convenient and affordable100_0094

Also ideal for bedrooms are honeycomb shades.  A variety of hardware systems allow the product to suit almost any window or need. These shades have a unique seamless honeycomb design that provides superior energy efficiency because the air is “trapped” in the honeycomb pleats, thus insulating against heat, cold and even sound.  And they’re available in hundreds of color choices in a variety of pleat size and fabrics from sheer to opaque for complete light control and privacy.786_TriLight Prominence LIVING - Partial - Large

Honeycomb shades in a two-fabric combination style offer two fabrics fashioned into one shade with a moving center rail, thus allowing an opaque option to block out all light and a less opaque fabric that diffuses light into the room.  Double honeycomb shades are available for added energy efficiency and color intensity.


Plantation Shutters are  available in many Louvers size , help keep light out and peace and quiet in.   And don’t forget wood blinds.  They add natural warmth and elegance, and when ordered with decorative tapes, they block out additional light and enhance privacy.

The houzz of Cornices Maker of St Louis Mo

The Cornices Maker of  st louis  Mo

cornices paterns

 Fabric Cornices

They add interest to rooms with texture, color, and pattern. Cornices can effectively coordinate window coverings and pull the look of an entire room together

Window cornices can be formal or casual depending on your fabric. Windovango offers a variety of cornice window treatments to pair with window shades or draperies or simply use alone. Window cornices can pull all the fabrics in your room together for that custom look.

 1 Styling tip: Try using a large-pattern fabric for your cornice board instead of creating sculpted edges.

2 Styling tip: Try to match your cornice board with your headboard paint or window covering

3 Sculpted. Soften up any master bathroom with a highly sculpted cornice board that has curves and cutouts. With coordinating fabrics in conjunction with piping for a precise, tailored look

       We offer an incredible array of designer fabrics and trimmings., you’ll get exactly what you want, nothing less

Our window treatments are a great value

We offer free design advice —WindoVanGo will come to your home and listen to your needs and show you options you may never have imagined, and help you think through aesthetic and functional considerations.

We take care of every detail. We’ll professionally measure your windows and install your finished treatments. Simply put, we’re there from start to finish.

  1.  Windo Van Go is the Source for Budget custom Cornices

  2. Bathroom Retreat_ResizedIMG_0248IMG_2302IMG_0597IMG_1405GP2_Ladies Elegant Office(2)_Resize-1Fabric Custom Cornice
    Custom Fabric Cornice

    Custom Fabric Cornice

    Honeycomb Schades fabric cornice on Bay Window

    Honeycomb Schades fabric cornice on Bay Window

    fabric cornice

    fabric cornice

    Drapery/Wood Blinds

    Drapery/Wood Blinds

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